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Today, we are at war at a global scale. The data security war is happening twenty-four hours a day. Almost every person, company, agency and institution are on the frontlines and feels prepared for an attack but FireEye Inc. estimates that 95% of all information systems are vulnerable to being breached.

In a world where every organization, institution and person are vulnerable to having their lives destroyed and companies bankrupted, this conference aims to highlight what is the future of data security and how can we be a part of it. Conference goers will leave with the knowledge of current data breaches and their effects. They will also leave with an understanding of what steps are being used to combat these practices, new software and hardware that can assist in the battle, and what they can do on their own to protect themselves. Also, interesting insights from hackers on why hackers hack and the current state of the hacking community from former hackers Kevin Mitnick, Hacko Hector “Sabu Moaseguv and Mike Calce.

In the recent past, celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence had their intimate data hacked and broadcasted across the Internet. This data theft is no different than the ones millions of people world-wide experience. Refusing to accept hacking as the norm, she has implored the Federal Bureau of Investigation to find and prosecutes these perpetrators and to set take a stance against hackers. That is why she, along with President and Chief Executive Officer of Symantec Michael A. Brown, and FBI director James Comey will be keynoting the and closing each day of the conference. The conference will end with a special message from United States President Obama.

With the world becoming increasingly digital, it is vital that everyone knows how to protect themselves and love ones.


Stuart Garner,

Norton CEO

Mike Calce,

Former Hacker

Nicholas B. Dirks,

Chancellor of the University of California

Scott Dadich,

Editor-in-Chief of WIRED

Tim Cook,

Apple CEO

Michael S.Rogers,

NSA Director

Jennifer Lawrence,


Lawrence  Page,

Co-founder of Google

Kevin David Mitnick,

Former Hacker

Michael A. Brown,

Symantec President

Jeffrey Preston  Bezos,

CEO of Amazon.com

James  Dimon,

President and CEO of JPMorgan Chase

James Harding,

Director of News and Current Affairs of BBC News

James Brien Comey, Jr,

F.B.I. Director

Ian King,

Chief Executive of BAE Systems

David DeWalt,

FireEye CEO

Brian Krzanich,

CEO of Intel

Brian Cornell,

Target Corporation CEO

Eugene Kaspersky,

Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky

Craig Menear,

Home Depot CEO

Barack Hussein Obama II,

44th United States President

Jill Abramson,

Executive Editor of The New York Times

Jeh Johnson,

Secretary of Homeland Security

Harris Pastides,

University of South Carolina President

Wallace D. Loh,

University of Maryland President


Day 2

Saturday, January 10th


Keynote Speaker: Michael A. Brown, President andChief Executive Officer of Symantec


9 A.M.

What Is A Data Security Firm and How It Affects Business

Keynote Speaker: Michael A. Brown President and Chief Executive Officer of Symantec


10 A.M.

What businesses should and shouldn’t do to protect themselves, employees, and customers

Panel Discussion: BAE Systems PLC, Symantec and FireEye


12 P.M.



1 P.M.

Hacking’s Affects On Business And What Customers Can Do

Panel Discussion: Target, Home Depot and Chase


3 P.M.

Hacking’s Affects On Higher Education And What Students Can Do

Panel Discussion: University of Maryland University of South Carolina University of California Berkeley


5 P.M.

The Wrap Up

Keynote Speaker: Michael A. Brown, President and Chief Executive Officer of Symantec

Day 1

Friday, January 9th


Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Lawrence


9 A.M.

The Value of Personal Data & Recent Large Scale Data Hacks

Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Lawrence


10 A.M.

Affects of Personal Data Hacks

Panel Discussion: Wired Magazine, BBC News and The New York Times


12 P.M.



1 P.M.

Protecting Yourself and What The Industry Is Doing To Help

Panel Discussion: Apple, Google and Amazon


3 P.M.

Best Protection Practices and How We Leave Ourself Vulnerable

Panel Discussion: Norton, McAfee and Kaspersky


5 P.M.

The Wrap Up

Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Lawrence

Day 3

Sunday, January 11th


Keynote Speaker: FBI Director James Comey


9 A.M.

Fighting Back Against Hackers

Keynote Speaker: FBI director James Comey


10 A.M.

Combating Hacking and How It Has Affected Government Over The Last 50 Years

Panel Discussion: F.B.I., N.S.A.and Homeland Security


12 P.M.



1 P.M.

How Hackers Are Hacking Into Personal Data Systems

Panel Discussion: Kevin Mitnick, Hacko Hector “Sabu Moaseguv and Mike Calce


3 P.M.

Current State Of The Hacking Community. Motivations and Ideals

Panel Discussion: Anonymous Hackers


5 P.M.

The Wrap Up

Keynote Speaker: United States President Barack Hussein Obama II


Walter E. Washington Convention Center

 801 Mt Vernon Pl NW

 Washington, DC 20001